Service Level Agreemnt (SLA)

Last updated on December 12th, 2020

We guarantee 100% uptime on our service. This covers Network, Hardware and DDoS level layers, however, it does not cover software layers. If your service goes down for 15 consecutive minutes, you are elibigle under our SLA policy.

Our SLA does not cover:

1. Planned Maintenances

2. Client Errors

3. Software Errors

4. Acts of God or Natural Disasters

In order to be eligible for our SLA policy, you need to claim the outage within 48 hours of the downtime.

We deserve the right to deny SLA claims without providing a reason.

We investigate all SLA claims, and any invalid or fraudulent requests will be denied.

In order to claim SLA, you need to comply with our Terms of Service.

We credit SLA claims to account credit only without exceptions. The credit amount is rounded up to the neareast day. We deserve a right to credit higher amounts depending on case by case situations.