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Our crew is generally available every day from 15:00 to 21:00 UTC+2 to resolve any problems you may have on our platform.

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Expert Support

Our objective is to deliver excellent customer service quickly and efficiently, thus we built our system on a classic three-tier structure. Our agents are trained as 1st, 2nd, or 3rd level agents. Our Level 1 employees can handle over 80% of enquiries, reducing response times to a minimum. The Technical & Billing support division is represented by our L2 and L3 agents, respectively. Such requests need expert-level knowledge, which is rarely available in the traditional Customer Support team. By implementing a multi-tier support system we can deliver speedy & silver bullet replies to all queries.

Customer Support
Customer Support
100% Human Support

When you contact us, you will be connected with a live person who will treat you as an individual and thoroughly examine your enquiry to determine the main cause of the problem. Our objective is to resolve problems in a single response rather than to keep customers waiting. The support you will receive from us will always be exceptional, personalized, and clear. You will always have an option to contact us through many different channels. We also make a promise, that we will never outsource our customer service.

Rigorous Training

We've devised a six-month training program for our Level 1 support workers. Agents are authorized to handle actual tickets under the supervision of their team leader after completing the basic introduction training. When they reach the promotion benchmark, their responses are thoroughly scrutinized, and if they are ready, they are promoted to a higher level to handle more difficult issues. The work of our support personnel is audited regularly to ensure that the quality continues to improve. Additional training modules & one-on-one sessions, are always available to help our employees improve their expertise.

Customer Support
Customer Support
Short Response Times = Happy Clients

While prioritising the quality of our responses, we are still able to maintain our average response times under two hours. That's 12 times less than our guarantee! And this isn't the time it takes to receive any type of response; it's the time it takes to get an answer that solves the problem. Up to 60% of situations are resolved with the first support response. In addition to mentions of our impeccable uptime and outstanding performances, client evaluations frequently highlight a positive support experience.